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No Guts No Glory - Pt.02 - ALL IN
The follow up to No Guts No Glory 1 The Journey.
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Last Word starring Brockout in his first solo video appearance.
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NGNG - Pt.02 - ALL IN
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The Empirikal K brand is one of passion and inspiration!

Who is EK (Empirikal K)?

EK is the type of person who isn’t afraid to think outside of the box. EK is inspired and inspires the world around them. EK is the brand that inspires wealth into the world through music, clothing, and the power of social media to tell everybody that they are somebody.

The wealth that EK encourages is not just about what’s in a bank account it is an overall cultivate for a full life you aspire to live! EK is about living life fully, following your passion, and being proud of what you see in the mirror and when you turn heads on the street.

EK is a brand that captures attention from tee shirts to hats, sweatshirts to hoodies. When you wear EK, you are wearing a conversation piece; you are wearing confidence; you are wearing excitement. Whether you have made it yet or are still struggling to make your dreams happen, EK represents you and shows your pride in looking good and aspiring for more.

EK is you, you at your best, Switch On!