Empirikal k

is back with even
more love

Empirikal K
dot com is back!

Sleeker faster with an improved browsing experience, it’s so much more than before, it’s our best site yet!

The Empirikal K story has always been about passion, drive, embracing the struggle, never being resting on yesterday’s wins and shaking off yesterday’s losses.  Empirikal K is now back with even more passion.

Empirikal K made the decision to rebuild in January of 2016.  Why? Because like one of its core values, Empirikal K is not content with good enough. Everything they do is a labour of love, and the new site is no exception.  The need to be better, to stretch and strive for the next level is in the DNA of EK, and so the leaders took the time to revamp.  That revamp became a rebuild that ended up taking almost a whole year.  Sometimes things can happen quickly, but like most things in life, if it is good and lasting it takes some time to build.


empirikal k

Have you ever looked at a site whether it be about fashion, bespoke products, health items or whatever and just knew that the person who did it either


A) Was an amateur or

B) Used a cheap template or

C) Just wanted to get a website up as a vanity project or

D) Worse yet—built a website just to make money and not care about delivering value?

It’s insulting to the viewer when a person doesn’t put their very best efforts forward and then expect that the reader/viewer/user will just accept it.


Yes sometimes people have to start with basic tools and grow, but even when that is the case you can have respect for the struggle and respect for someone who is working with what they have, but they WILL move forward.

From the beginning, EK built on each success and used setbacks as learning points.  The brand has done well and has always been respectable and continue to prove that the respect is deserved by moving forward.  They have dug in, found ways to make the brand—or rather the movement better so the public can enjoy it.  The brand is not just a brand it is a movement that encourages others to start right where they are and move towards greatness.

EK is inviting fans old and new to visit, view, and be inspired by the new and improved experience at  EmpirikalK.com.   EK has done it again.  They have put forth a real demonstration of their core value of putting passion before everything and it shows.

Whether you are familiar with EK or are looking for inspiration, check them out at EmpirkalK.com and see what they are all about.  You will feel the love and be inspired for greatness yourself.

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