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No Guts No Glory : Pt.2 – All In


Quality Social Syndication Links Service

Our Social Syndication links service is pretty much a network of different sites we do syndication on for you.

With the Social Syndication Links Service,

So we have a good variety of back-linking and syndication we do for your content, which is also very important to ensure that your content ranks in Google.

We also can carry out video embeds as well as social video embeds.

Video embeds, is us embedding your video on multiple different Web 2.0 sites and blogging sites so that your video can rank on the #1 page of Google and YouTube, we also can do Social Bookmarking video embedding. So not only are we syndicating your video, we are embedding it, on both blogging sites, Wiki sites and Social Bookmarking sites; so you’ll be able to get that video embed as well as get a backlink for your content. So that could be a backlink for your video or a niche site.

What video embedding looks like:



Our domains TLD vary but are mainly .com, .co.uk, .org and .info
We can index your links by sending them to indexer after posting.

Links are drip-fed. The Drip feeding varies dependant on the number of links ordered or link package. Example, a 50 link package will be drip-fed every three days.

Want to avoid the hassle of producing your content, let us know when placing your order and we will generate that content for you.

ALL of your syndications is not only coming from quality sites but sites that are PERFECTLY secure and up to par with Google’s SSL guidelines!

That means even MORE quality in the eyes of Google for your syndication!


Choosing keywords is the most crucial part of creating your campaign. If you choose the wrong keywords (too broad, too much competition, too many keywords extra), you might end up not ranking for none of those keywords.
The Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) of the posts will vary, ranging from 8 to 25.
TXT format or CSV format report will be provided after if you requested one when placing your order.
So that is pretty much what we are doing for you with the Quality Social Syndication Links service.


15 link package

​£ ​17.00
  • 3 Days Delivery

25 link package

​£ 27.00
  • 3 Days Delivery

50 link package

​£ 50.00
  • 3 Days Delivery

100 link package

​£ 100.00
  • 7 Days Delivery

250 link package

​£ 250.00
  • 14 Days Delivery
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Order form

    Keywords you want to rank for. You can enter multiple keywords. Just type and press Enter. Niches such as casino, gambling, pharmacy (including marijuana/weed), porn, sex or anything else illegal is not allowed.

    (Optional) Additionally to the link I also want a YouTube video embedded into the article.

    I don’t want to bother with content, auto generate it for me.

    With this option, we will try to scrape search engines for your keywords, fetch articles, compose new articles and rewrite them for you. This all done by machine (A.I). It sometimes won’t make much sense. It will be contextual and contain relevant keywords, that is enough for SEO purposes.

    Should links be sent to indexer after posting?
    We will try to get your links indexed. Indexing is important as a lot of SEO experts believe no-indexed carry less value than indexed ones.