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Brockout: The struggle is real, but how productive is it?

Empirikal K has never shied away from hard work and embracing the struggle.  If you look all around you, there are people who are struggling. Some have money, cars, jewellery and homes to show for it.  Some are stuck using public transit and pay rent to a landlord or a corporation and making them rich.  So the question is a person struggles but is a “have not” how productive is their efforts?

The Brockout brand answers that question and demonstrates the answer on a daily basis.  The brand started with the musical artist of the same name.  An artist who turned hardships, effort and resilience into hip hop music an art form known universally for shedding light on hard times and street warriors on the grind.

Hard-core persistence is not new, and Brockout readily gave respect and due credit to those before him who worked hard, achieved much, kept moving and did it all with excellence.

The Brockout brand fits well with the Empirikal K maxim of No Guts No Glory but with a unique twist;

Do you dare to be free?

The meaning of Brockout?  It means to freely pursue your desire and goal without paying attention to naysayers and those who would bring you down or get in your way the ultimate freedom.

When you have that Aha Moment and the moment of self-discovery that real power is in you and that you can choose to be free because the biggest obstacle a person ever faces is the battle inside to keep going and find another way to make your dreams happen, even if there are significant challenges on the outside.

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When hustling does not work

In life it can be so easy to get wrapped up in hustling, pushing and struggling to prove some point by somebody else’s measures.  There are a million activities that can make you look like you are doing something but if there is no real purpose in the end, then it is really not worth it.  And to go along with it, there is story after story of people giving up before the finish line when they no longer knew what their purpose was.  Hustling is not a guarantee of productivity.  If you are not firm in your purpose and connected to that reality then what’s the point?

The ultimate
measure of success

WHEN YOU DO WHAT YOU LOVE THE MAGIC HAPPENS IN DOING THE WORK, MONEY & ACCOLADES ARE JUST a way of keeping count of the successes.  The Brockout brand is an example of success because it represents staying grounded to the inner essence of creativity the real you and not getting distracted by outside measures.

Brockout!  Live Free!

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