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If you are someone that has ever asked themselves what the purpose of their life is or why they exist in the first place like me. Then you must have wondered countless times if the purpose of life was just to keep on paying bills, trying to last until the next paycheck, trying to find happiness regardless of how small and then just dying without having to have lived or enjoyed or accomplished anything worth remembering in life.

I still remember when I stepped out in the real world and got a job I hated with every fiber of my being. Every day was a painstaking rehash of the same miserable day I had been living, but even then deep down I knew that there was more to life.

I knew that there was more to life than just accepting the reality forced upon me with no regards to my will or choice. I believed that I had what it would take to break out of the spiral of self-loathing and stagnation. Today I realise that the only thing I lacked back then was the commitment to see my decisions through. The NGNG brand is an embodiment of the commitment to see your decisions through the end to realise your goals and dreams without caring for how hard or how arduous the road looks.

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Wondering how clothes
can make such a difference?

Your clothes define who you are. They represent what you stand for, how hard you can work to achieve your goal and how much you have sacrificed to do so. Unlike the beliefs of our old “clothes don’t make a man”, recent times have proven the wisdom of the old wrong.  Entrepreneurs who are dressed to succeed will automatically put in more effort and provide greater performance than those who show up to meetings in shorts and just any t-shirts.  It goes without saying that it’s not only the clothes that help you, but you also need to have the drive and commitment to invest yourself entirely into reaching your goal. The NGNG brand is the personification of your commitment; it is a necessity for those who don’t want to repeat the same tiring routine over and over again for the rest of their lives. It’s a brand for those that want to live; to inspire, to accomplish and to enjoy life without regrets no matter how great the challenge.

Can you relate to anything you’ve just read? Do you have what it takes to commit yourself to such a life? If yes, then click the LIKE button to join the journey but not only that, be inspired to your success by clicking JOIN in the menu area. “No Guts No Glory!”

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