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The Truth About
Last Word In
3 Minutes

What’s the real story?

The Last Word song and video bursts out with the powerful message about making your last word mean something.  The artist dressed in street gear gets into the status symbol BMW but appears unaffected by it.  The car is a just a vehicle, literally and metaphorically for taking him to the next place.

Brockout makes it clear from the outset his last word comes from the heart and his real passion—not following trends but living from his true self.  This is emphasised by Noting how it’s ALL IN or NOTHING.

Throughout the video, Brockout is seen working his craft in different studio shots.  His medium for getting his word out his sound and he PUTS HIS TIME IN at the studio to make it happen.  A glimpse of him enjoying the process is seen as well, emphasising that life is not an end goal but a process and the journey is so important.

Brockout proudly cries out that his MADE SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING despite being told by critics/people in his life who told him he would amount to nothing.  When it comes to the struggle, one of the big things to overcome is the negative talk from those around you.  It could be teachers, co-workers, or family but just as people can build us up with words, it can be easy for those same individuals to tear you down or hinder your PROGRESS with words; if you let them.  Brockout demonstrates a RESILIENCY to be commended and followed.

The World is Mine!

The Last Word is an anthem about putting in the time, doing the work and claiming the world is yours not because of bragging, but because of the hard work, it takes to make it happen.   The words “talk less DO MORE” are a reminder to be all about ACTION.  Whatever that action is, it means putting in the time, not worrying but keeping your HEAD IN THE GAME with a determined FOCUS because, on final analysis, your last word has to mean something.

Inspirational leaders around the world often have a similar message; DON’T GIVE UP, DON’T GIVE IN no matter what the time commitment or circumstance might be.  We have seen wars won, businesses built and communities changed with that kind of mind-set.

Brockout does the same, and his message is universal but speaks to the current young generation that needs direction and focuses on avoiding the traps of a ghetto life or a life without purpose that eventually will lead to harm or perhaps even worse, a life that leads to nowhere.  Every decision we make is either for better or worse.  Standing still in life is not an option but even when you think you are standing still if you are not moving forward you are losing ground.

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Brockout’s commitment is made clear in these quoted words from his song;

 “Won’t waste a second standing on the CORNER, in JAIL,
or in a  NINE-TO-FIVE, that ain’t my kinda vibe, waking
up to an alarm  rushing, heart jumping that AIN’T MY THING

TRUST ME!  My last word make it mean something. 
Can’t afford to wake up to an alarm for the rest of my life I am living,
go get it, go get it, go get it YEAH LIVE.  I AM LIVING, AM LIVING !!!”

The truth about last word, is to remind us of legacy. We all have a legacy to leave.  What are you going to leave behind?  Your Last Word make it mean something!

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